Introductory Material

by Table Sugar

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released December 1, 2016

aidan: bass
brynn: drums
pascal: guitar and vocals
ella: guitar and vocals
wood panelling: violin



all rights reserved


Table Sugar Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Carried Away
i was hit on the head once and i didnt do anything
i was hit on the head twice and i didnt do anything
i was hit on the head three times and i was carried away

i get carried away
i nearly kiss my neck trying to watch it all
it was day time soap opera
good looking
Track Name: Something Like That
that very such like
much so very quite
literally kind of
really right

oh yeah
but a bit
like like
huh huh uh uh

rather though
pretty like
yeah sure
i dont know
Track Name: Marry Me
do you wanna marry me?
have you ever seen a handsome man right beside you

if hell will curdle your milk into curds
he's the apple thats been bitten into

it's the end of the night
and he's not looking for fight
he doesn't even know what he's done
Track Name: Straight Shooter
i'm not a doctor and i dont play one on TV

i'm a straight shooter
i'm part time as can be

where i'm at in this world i don't ever wanna leave

i'm a straight shooter
all i know is all i see
Track Name: No Es Nada
a truck a dog a spanish man
have you seen him?
he had a funny cigarette
my hands felt weird

i dont know what happened
you trying to die tonight

no es nada

i fucked the dream
you trying to die tonight

i still dont know what its about

dada baby
dada no es nada
Track Name: Gazpacho
counting the knots in my hair
ripening on four days straight
in a while its all sweet talk and an answering machine

i'm living on the verge of
women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
on hold in our heads

is there any gazpacho left?
Track Name: Badlands
i've already lost myself
to this boy
and his gun
once or twice
the free spirit and the freed sliver on his finger

these are the badlands
shy and free
not universal
but a breeze
Track Name: Vulnerability
maintain vulnerability
ive been seeing ghosts

just get a hotel
let's get a hotel
why use that code

it's just a phone number
just a ticket number

oh man
i dont know if we're ever gonna get this guy